A list of useful resources that I have found so far which contain useful information.


Riding for the Disabled Association.
This is the leading British organisation for the disabled rider.
Responsible for the standard setting of many disciplines ,maintaining a high standard of training for instructors, welfare of equines, offering help and advise on running a RDA group.

The Chartered  Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy.
  Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy
A group of committed physiotherapists specialising in the use of the equine as a treatment modality.
Working along side the RDA, promoting the use of the horse in therapeutic riding.

Path Intl.

This is the International voice of the EAAT Industry.
This is the professional association of the therapeutic horsemanship international ( PATH Intl.)
It promotes equine-assisted activities and therapy


This is the Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International AISBL.
It aims to help in the worldwide collaboration between organizations in the equine assisted activities.

Lessons in Therapeutic Riding.

This is an Excellent and possibly the only one I have found aimed at therapeutic riding Instructors.
It has been compiled by a PATHIntl Certified Instructor.

Hay let's ride.  Hay let's ride .com

This is another site aimed at the therapeutic riding instructor, again worth looking at.

Horseot.        horseot

This is a site with hippotherapy ideas photo's, idea's and resources.

American Hippotherapy Association.    American Hippotherapy Association.
The website for  American hippotherapy.

Horses can help.

This is a web page with some useful articles  on.

What horses teach. What horses teach.

A web page with some interesting articles written here.

The Riding Instructor.

This has lots of interesting articles on. It is aimed at instructing the able-bodied rider.


This has some interesting articles on.

The British Horse Society.

The Pony Club.

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy.

The FCRT is an independent Residential Specialist College. Using the horse for Education and Assisted therapy.

Learning disability

Cerebral palsy (CP).

A collection of books and various articles that I found useful or Interesting reading.


Themed lesson plans for Riding Instructors by Melissa Troup.

Thinking Riding Book one by Molly Sivewright.
Thinking Riding Book two by Molly Sivewright.

Centred Riding  by  Sally Swift.

School Exercises for flatwork and jumping  by  Eleanor Ross.

Teaching children to ride, A handbook for instructors  by  June Wallace.

Progressive school Exercises.  by  Islay Auty BA.FBHS.

Complete Horse Riding Manual by William Micklem.

Schooling Problems Solved  with NLP  by  Wendy Jago.

Ride with Your Mind by Mary Wanless.
Ride with Your Mind Masterclass by Mary Wanless.
Ride with Your Mind Essentials by Mary Wanless.

The Manual of Horsemanship. By The Pony Club.
The Instructors Handbook by The Pony Club.

IPEC Booklets.
Guidelines for Visually Impaired Riders and Trainers.
Dressage Tests Grades 1 - 4.
The Classification System Explained.
Notes for RDA Instructors and helpers on the Medical Conditions in Riders and Carriage Drivers. (RDA )
Instructors Resource. (RDA)


For help and further information on Special Equipment visit the RDA website.

For games equipment and cones see.

Jumps on line.

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